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We service Austin and the tri-county area (Travis, Williamson, & Hayes)



Abatements & Exclusions
(Bees, Bats, Raccoons, Ringtail Cats, Squirrels)


General Pest Control:
(Termites, Ants, Fleas,
Scorpions, Spiders,
Centipedes, Cockroaches,
Silverfish, Weevils, etc.)


Other Pest Control:
Birds (starlings in vents, vultures on roofs, etc.)
Snakes (in your house, in the yard, etc.

Animal Odors &
Dead Animal Removal


Abatement is the process of getting rid of pests.

Our methods of getting rid of pests are always as humane as possible. Usually, the pest is encouraged to leave by depriving it of the things in your home that it values such as darkness, quiet, and safety.

Exclusion is the process of preventing the pests from coming back.

Different pests AND different houses require different methods. We do not believe in doing a job unless it is done right. We take pride in our ability to warranty most exclusions for one year.

General Pest Control (or GPC) refers to the methods of treating for common insects and other small pests such as: Termites, Ants, Fleas, Scorpions, Silverfish, Weevils, etc.

Animal Odors
Dead animals or pests under your house, in your wall space, or in the attic are the main sources of pest-related odors in a building. Though possibly masked by other smells in your house such as your cat's litter box, a dead-animal smell is usually unmistakable. Another unmistakable smell is Bat guano. If you are uncertain, go stand under the Congress street bridge one night to smell (and watch) Austin's famous bats.

Dead Animal Removal
We handle the finding and removal of dead pests, animals, and pets. We always perform the least invasive searches of your walls, attics, and substructure first. In cases where a dead animal is trapped in a wall, we may have to make incisions in the wall. We have seen everything from mice to raccoons to cats inside wall spaces. We have special tools for parts of the job, but a hint for locating the source of a smell yourself might be to turn off your AC and temporarily remove any odor-eating devices from the areas that smell.

Please note:
This is NOT free.
No, the city does NOT have an agency that will do it.
It is illegal to dump dead animals wherever you like.
A single truck visit to BFI costs $75. We will not wait around until we fill up a truck with dead animals before we dispose of them. Therefore, a single deer may cost $75 just for us to get rid of it. Retrieving your dead animal also costs us time, energy, gas, and usually a long shower.


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Licensed (TPCL # 6861) and regulated by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board
(512) 305-8250 Physical address: 333 Guadalupe, Suite I-530, 78701