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Abatements & Exclusions


A Squirrel-created hole in the wall


Lattice work to exclude
animals from under deck


A raccoon hole in a
roof eave


Abatement is the process of getting rid of pests.

Bees, Bats, Raccoons, Ringtail Cats, Squirrels, and Rodents are the pests we encounter most.

Our methods of getting rid of pests are always as humane as possible. Usually, the pest is encouraged to leave by depriving it of the things in your home that it values such as darkness, quiet, and safety. There are many natural, organic, compounds that are obnoxious to various pests. We use these with a combination of harmless methods to drive your problem out of your home.

Exceptions: Rodents require traps. Bees are so plentiful in Austin that even beekeepers do not want them. In fact, we were called by a beekeeper this summer to destroy a hive that had become agressive. The only way to peacefully remove tens of thousands of bees from your home is to remove the queen. If the queen is behind the brick siding of your house or in an eave on your roof, then it is normally not worth the destruction, effort, and reconstruction to get the bees to leave.

Note (for those who would attempt this by themselves). Larger pests are often in your home in order to have babies in safety. If you attempt to trap or kill them, you risk missing the babies. Not only is this cruel, but there is a good chance the smell will be worse than your original problem. Moreover, if you do not find and seal the point of incursion, you will likely encounter the same problem further down the road.

Exclusion is the process of preventing the pests from coming back. This usually means sealing your home or property in a specific way that does not allow a particular pest to return.

Due to the variety of houses and pests in Austin, almost every problem is unique. Different pests AND different houses require different methods. Please call us for an estimate.

We do not believe in doing a job unless it is done right. We take pride in our ability to warranty most exclusions for one year. Please visit our customer Testamonials for references.

General rules of thumb:
Raccoons can fit through a hole the size of a softball.
Ringtail Cats can fit through a hole the size of a tennis ball.
Squirrel can fit through a hole the size of a golfball.
Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.
Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime.


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