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Believe it or not, Raccoons are almost everywhere in Austin.

Our Abatement & Exclusion sevices will ensure that "almost everywhere" does not include your home.

A raccoon can fit in a hole the size of a grapefruit and its sharp claws can tear a grapefruit-sized hole through plywood fairly quickly. The most common point of entry are the mushroom and turnbine vents on the roof of your house. The eaves of most houses are fairly thin plywood and are the second most common points of entry. If you are wondering how the baby raccoons got in the walls or attic of your almost-new home, then walk around the exterior and check for bent vents or holes in the eaves.

Although they are not in your house to cause harm, they can cause damage. Raccoon-sized holes allow almost any other pest entrance to your home. This can lead to entire ecosystems and collateral damage in parts of your home. Most people do not call us until it is too late and an Abatement is necessary. This is fine, but more expensive than a preventative exclusion alone. Most houses in Austin will need our services at one point or another. If you plan to be in your home for many years, or simply want to maintain the value, ask us about preventative exclusions today.

Raccoons that are in your home during the spring and summer generally have babies. We have various methods and tools to convince the mothers to leave with their babies. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you should be aware that simply sealing the main point of entry is NOT the best answer. This will result in either a secondary exit hole in your house or intolerable dead-animal odors in your house. Baiting, trapping, or killing the mother may be equally cruel and have the same results. Please be careful in your efforts.

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