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Pest Alert System


Alerts you when
an animal has
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Case & System

Pest Alert Autodialer System

Next Generation technology eliminates the need for you to send service technicians to check live traps and rat traps on a daily basis. This wireless system will activate a unit inside the client’s home, letting them know that there is an animal or rat in the trap. In the deluxe model, the system will actually telephone you, that’s right, call you on the telephone, tell you the clients name and address so you know exactly where to send your technician to pick up your newly captured animal. And you thought you would never make PETA happy! Think of all of the saved time in man power, and the wear and tear that you will save on your company trucks, including gas and all the other intangibles that we PCO’s have come to love. The Pest Alert System saves you MONEY! Coming and going, and puts it right in your pocket were it belongs.

In addition to being the greatest live trap modification EVER, it will also enhance your company image. It will show your current and prospective clients that you are operating in the new millennium with cutting edge technology. What this product brings to the table, as a sales tool is immeasurable. And the best thing about it is IT WILL PAY FOR ITSELF! You will not have to raise your rates to pay for it.


The auto dialer is part of the deluxe package. It is capable of dialing up to three different telephone numbers and leaving a custom detailed message. This allows your service technician to program the dialer to call three different telephone numbers with a detailed message such as “ The trap at 1109 Main St. has just been activated, Mr. Jones residence, home telephone 555-6767, work telephone 555-9090” This feature allows you to customize each dialer for each job site. When you change job sites, you simply change the auto dialer just like you would a voice mail greeting.


The live trap transmitter is a retrofit device that will fit ANY of your existing live traps. Once fit on the door of your traps, when the live animal enters the trap, and the door falls, the sensors inside will send a signal to the receiver inside the home. The battery inside the unit has a life of one year and can be easily replaced. The transmitter is will not send a signal unless the door falls. So NO FALSE ALARMS.


The rat trap transmitter attaches to rat traps. When the rattrap is tripped the circuit is broken and the transmitter sends the signal to the receiver. Like the live trap transmitter the battery life is one year and is replaceable. It too is fail safe, as it will not transmit a signal if the trap is not snapped.


The pest alert receiver-beeper is AC/DC powered unit that alerts the client when an animal or rodent is in the trap. The unit is designed to accept the auto dialer, which plugs into the back of the unit with ease. The entire system is easy to set up and use. It is user and customer friendly. The entire system is smartly packaged in an aluminum or jet black, foam insulated attaché case.


To schedule your in office demonstration (Central Texas Only) please call our office at 512-474-9684 and ask for Thomas Deba, Owner/Operator and head of product marketing. Out of the Central Texas Area email us and we can send you an E- brochure or other information.

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