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Wildlife & Animal Exclusion Estimates


Wildlife/Animal/Exclusion Estimates

All wildlife issues and infestations are unique, and so are the many different types of construction found in and around the Austin area. For this reason the FIRST thing we do to help you solve your unique problem is to do a comprehensive inspection of your property.

This does many things for both of us. First, it will help us to positively identify the type of problem that you are having. Second, it will allow us to identify and show you the primary, and any other, entry points that these animals are using to gain access to your home. Third, it will enable us to show you other areas of your home that are susceptible to re-infestation if they are not modified. Fourth, it allows us to develop a game plan for abating these animals from your home and for preventing future animal incursions.

Finally, it gives us a fair assessment of your specific problem, and will allow us to tell you exactly how much it will cost to eliminate your problem.

The fee for this initial inspection is only $75. If you hire us to solve your problem, the $75 inspection fee will be credited towards the total cost of solving your problem.


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